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Short Film Based on Cecily!

You heard that correctly: we are shooting a short film based on the first 15 pages of the feature film. As first time feature filmmakers, it is imperative that we find a way to demonstrate our vision and our ability as filmmakers to bring Cecily's story to life on the screen. It has become increasingly clear that this "proof of concept" is necessary for us to move forward with the feature film. Many feature films started as short films including Beasts of the Southern Wild, Short Term 12, and Whiplash.

We are in the process of recruiting crew and have opened up a casting call for all roles, with the exception of the role of Kevin (the father) which will be played by actor Will Bouvier, who previously acted in the Sundance award-winning film Black Rock. We are just beginning to solicit funding through grants and individual contributors and plan to raise all remaining funds in March through a crowdfunding platform. We will be shooting in June 2017 with the goal to have the final product completed by September in time to apply for major festivals.

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