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Meet Production Manager Victoria Hersey!

Hi my name is Victoria Hersey and I am an Associate Producer on the production team of The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop.

I grew up in Michigan playing cops and robbers and football with the neighbor hood kids. I was surrounded by creativity. One time we attached remote control cars to a blow up chair and paraded each other around…until we reached the stairs. I didn’t say we had the best ideas, but we had fun! I wish we had had a camera back then.

When I moved to New England I met a new bunch of friends and soon learned the joys of movie making. Creating music videos, commercials, our own TV shows and remakes of favorite movies became the norm for Friday nights.

In college I studied communications/media studies, taking as many film classes as I could. I became involved in the theater club, enjoying all it could teach me about production. Not long after I was directing full stage productions! One of my most challenging and most rewarding shows was “In The Next Room” by Sarah Ruhl a two act period piece. I loved theater and film so for my senior thesis I wrote a 60-page script that incorporated both. I called it “Love and Lettuce,” it involved 9 shooting locations, a 7-person cast, months of rehearsal and hours of editing. I took on many roles in the project and enjoyed every minute of it! We even had cast photo shoot where everyone ate lettuce dramatically.

I have become involved with many different film projects over the years. Short films, feature length films, commercials, training videos, documentaries, wedding videos as well as my own works. If I’m not working on a film project you’ll find me catching up with friends, asleep with either (sometimes both) a dog or a cat on top of me, experimenting with cooking in the kitchen, swimming, painting, adventuring in foreign countries, dancing in the kitchen, analyzing films, and working at my various jobs. I’m always doing something!

I love using my passion to bring a project to life. I love a challenge and I love learning. It is exciting to be working alongside the extremely talented crew of The Extraordinary world of Cecily Blinkstop.

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