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Announcing Co-Producer Erica Joseph Hunter

We are excited to announce that Erica Joseph Hunter has joined our leadership team as co-producer. We know she will be a great addition to this production! Here is Erica's bio:

I believe you’re never too old to follow your dreams, so several decades into my life I embarked on an enormous career change. Nearly ten years ago I carefully waded into the film industry as a production accounting clerk. Production accounting, as it turned out, allowed me to utilize the skills developed over the course of 15 years in some of Manhattan’s most prominent adverting agencies. In 2005 I left Manhattan, and returned to school to prepare for my new career in film. My first job was working in the accounting office of Lynne Ramsey and Steven Soderbergh’s We Need to Talk About Kevin. There was no turning back at that point. I loved the business and was determined to stay. I worked in accounting for the next couple of years, in New York and Connecticut, on projects big and small.

Synthetic Cinema International, a successful and prolific Connecticut based production company, allowed me the opportunity to move into other areas of production. I worked in AD, POC, Supervisor, and ultimately Line Producer capacities. I continue to work on Synthetic Cinema projects, as well as other New York and Connecticut productions.

I’ve found that every new project is more fulfilling than the last, and enthusiastically await the next. I have great expectations for this next endeavor as Co-Producer on The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop. It’s a lovely and compelling narrative that I’m absolutely confident will be beautifully brought to life by the talented and passionate cast and crew that has been assembled. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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