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Post-production contributors will receive an invitation to the private screening and/or online screening when the film is complete.

Our footage is beautiful and ready to be molded into a final product. 


Editing: First, our editor, Luisa Piña, will cut the footage and trim and tweak until she and director, Jennifer Potts, think that the edited footage tells the story in the best possible way.

Coloring: Once we have a final cut, we send it off to the colorist to create a consistent look for the film. Colorists make sure that all shots in each scene match one another by balancing color saturation and luminance from shot to shot.  

Composing: At the same time the colorist is perfecting the color in the film, our composer, Sergio Torres, will be creating original music.

Sound Editing and Mixing: The sound editor will clean up the sound recorded on set and mix it so that the levels match the action and feel of each scene. Then, the sound designer will add any Foley sounds necessary to bring out the subtle nuances and mood required in each scene. After the sound design and mixing are complete, the sound editor will add the score and work with the sound levels to create the best final mix for the story. 

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